• Privacy Policy:

    This privacy policy covers the website and information contained and collected herein: www.newblue.com.br (website), outlining a policy of transparency regarding the collection, storage and use of such data. By providing your contact information and services of interest, you (user: individual aged 18 or older, or legal entity) agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use.

  • 1. Which type of data is collected?

    Our site may collect the following information freely provided by users. The fields to be filled out by users include: Name, email, phone, company, services of interest, monthly investment and personal message.

  • 2. How we use the data collected

    The information collected is stored and used to answer any personal messages sent by users to NewBlue regarding services offered by the company. In addition, such users may be added to a mailing list to receive news, calls or emails from NewBlue.

  • 3. Information access and disclosure

    The information collected will not be disclosed or transferred to third parties, and may only be used by NewBlue in accordance with the terms hereof.

  • Confidentiality

    NewBlue, its administrators, agents and employees shall keep all data and information provided by users strictly confidential.

    NewBlue is liable for any unauthorized disclosure made by the company, whether through any of its employees, representatives, contractors, agents, or representatives who have received such information, and shall take all administrative legal measures to prevent such information from being disclosed or otherwise used for any purpose other than those authorized herein.

    NewBlue undertakes to safeguard the confidentiality of any information concerning the business and activities reported by users.

    NewBlue undertakes not to use the aforementioned information for purposes other than those expressly authorized herein.

    The confidentiality obligations set out in this Clause shall not apply in the following cases: (i) if such information falls under public domain at any time, without constituting a breach of contract; (ii) if such information is known by the receiving party before it is disclosed under this contract, or has been independently developed by NewBlue representatives without the user or any third party having access to such information; (iii) if the information is disclosed, in good faith, by a third party legally authorized to make such disclosure; and (iv) if such information must be disclosed by court order and/or decision of a public body/agency.

  • Intellectual Property

    “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: Correspond to those set forth herein, held and/or used by NewBlue and the users: (i) trademarks and service marks (registered or not), trade names and other names and slogans incorporated into business or goodwill, applications or registrations in any jurisdiction pertaining to the foregoing or in any way associated with the goodwill; (ii) patentable inventions, discoveries, improvements, know-how, processes, computer programs, applications (including, without password protection, interpreted code or source code, object code, development documentation, programming tools, designs, specifications and data), applications and patents held under any jurisdiction related to the aforementioned, including reissues, sequels, divisions, partial continuations, renewals or extensions; (iii) trade secrets; (iv) copyrights transferred in writing, designs, software “(registered or not, with filed registrations or not)”, applications or registrations held in any jurisdiction related to this site; (v) database- related rights; (vi) licenses and obligations of non-performance related to this site and knowledge related to marketing intelligence and provision of services, knowledge and experiences relating to users; and (vii) guidebooks, books and files described or used in connection with this site..

    Both NewBlue and its users shall preserve the integrity of preexisting intellectual property.

  • NewBlue reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy at any time. In the event of changes hereof, users are required to revisit the privacy policy and acknowledge amended terms.