Strategic Planning

Analysis, Innovation and Results are in our DNA

NewBlue doesn’t just have a single Customer Service area. The daily contact between our customers and our planning takes place in a fast and efficient manner, always maintaining high technical levels. We seek market opportunities and possibilities for changes to help steer our customers’ Digital project, whether by choosing the best media to employ or how much should be invested in each of them. Our analyses are supported by top market platforms.

Digital Media Management

Highly qualified and certified team. 100% focused on Performance.

Our entire staff is certified and regularly trained to ensure constant improvement not only in technical knowledge, but also in the strategies outlined for each project. We focus on campaign automation and optimization to generate scale gains. We focus on campaign automation and optimization to generate scale gains. This allows us to create campaigns in an automated manner, activate/pause campaigns according to inventory, increase and reduce bid/budget according to each word’s performance, always based on best-in-class market and proprietary platforms. We have invested more than BRL 100 million in performance and conversion media, achieving the best results available on the market. We are pioneers in programming media purchase in Brazil. We are a certified Premier Google Partner.

Data Intelligence

Data organization and insight generation.

Capturing, sorting and clustering all user interactions is a crucial part of NewBlue’s methodology, since we not only build profiles based on such data, but also create and cross-reference lists to mitigate overlap, ensure maximum reach, and downscale or prioritize users based on their propensity for purchase. NewBlue’s Data Intelligence team is involved across all stages of the project, constantly ensuring measurable and reliable results throughout the service period. The greatest differential of NewBlue’s Data Intelligence team is the organization and data modeling know-how, mapping out opportunities for data collection, target audience clustering and profiles. NewBlue employs proprietary technology and methodology.

Art Direction

Design focused on conversion.

Far beyond mere aesthetics, our team is specialized in creations that deliver results, and our art directors monitor the result of each piece, ultimately building a steady improvement history. We use state-of-the-art software and seek the most innovative formats, such as dynamics, in order to accurately reach our target audience. In addition to art directors and assistants, our team has professional experts in Motion design and Front-End Programmers to meet all of our customers’ needs.

Content and Social Media

Social network and content management

NewBlue’s Content Production and Social Media Management team works hard to ensure that all brand communications and relationships with users are aligned at all times. We believe that relevant content is fundamentally important, but that good strategies are created only when we understand the profile of the brand’s fans and discover exactly what users look for in each digital platform. In addition, our team constantly monitors trends not only in Social Media, Branded Content and Content Marketing, but also regarding the internet and technology in general, actively participating in a wide range of communities to generate insights.